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First Year Experience Initial Findings

FYE Initial Findings Workbook


Scheduling Insights Data Workbook

Click on the link below to see the course taking behaviors of AAOT grads as well as first-time freshmen starting points. There are also views that allow viewing of what sections are offer in total as a college by day and time as well as participation in that offering by course enrollment and headcount. All of these topics can be viewed by gen ed category, subject and course.

Scheduling Data



Student Study Abroad Student Interest Survey Participant,

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Culture, Communications, and Engagement Assessment

Using input from dozens of college faculty and staff, the Culture, Communication, and Engagement Assessment task force put together a survey – the second step of a three-part process (conversations, survey, focus groups). This process is designed to help us gauge how well our current culture supports our goal of working collaboratively to benefit students and community. Most importantly, it can help us identify ways in which we can improve.


The questions in the anonymous survey were designed to help CCC answer two core questions:

• Now and looking into our future, what are our strengths and challenges in our efforts to create and maintain a culture of mutual trust and support?
• How best can we act to engage and support each other in fulfilling the mission of our college?


Here is a summary of survey results. Any given page of findings past the introduction can serve as a summary at some level.


Culture, Communications and Engagement Survey Highlights


For those interested in more detail, click on the link below. This link will open a searchable workbook. Use the arrow in the upper left corner to navigate through the data according to your interests.


Detailed Findings


Here is a summary of what we learned from Step One of our process.


Phase One Summary

Imagine Clackamas Online Survey Results

Imagine Clackamas Online Survey Results - Preliminary

High School Skills Day Intercept Survey Results


ECAR - Students and Technology Survey Results


CCC Students and Technology Survey Results

National ECAR Survey Results

The ECAR Survey Instrument


CCC Budget Balancing Exercise
  • This budget exercise was conducted during winter term of the 12-13 academic year.
  • The purpose of the exercise was to give staff, students, and community members a sense of the fiscal challenges faced by the college and at the same time allow them to communicate their budget balancing priorities and ideas.
  • Participation from "full-time faculty," "part-time faculty," "management," and "classified" can be considered fairly representative and reliable. However, the categories of "students" and "community members" should be considered more carefully due to lower level of participation in the survey.
  • Questions about the survey and results should be addressed to Courtney Wilton, Vice President of College Services,

Click on the link below to hear what people had to say!

Budget Worksheet Survey



Learning Support Center - Findings from Student Input through an Online Survey

Conducted in winter term of the 2012-13 academic year, this online survey sought input from all CCC students on the types of features they would like to see included in the design of the new Learning Support Center. For more information on this survey or the development of the Learning Support Center please contact Sharon Parker at X3075.


Click on the link below to hear what students had to say!


Student Input



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