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mentor with studentsHomestays: You may want to live with a family while you are studying at Clackamas Community College. If you choose a homestay, you will live with a host family, learn about their culture, participate in their everyday lives, and make life-long friends. A homestay family can help you with your language studies by giving you opportunities to speak English and experience American culture.  You must be at least 18 years old to participate in a homestay program.

The following is a homestay provider in the area. This is a recommendation only. The College assumes no liability or responsibility for the services that these companies may or may not provide. There may be additional resources for you other than what is listed here. For more information, please contact the homestay company directly.

620 S.E. 5th Ave., Suite 625
Portland, OR 97204

Tel: 1-503-274-1776
Fax: 1-503-274-9004

Cost of Living Information


Housing: There is no on-campus housing at Clackamas Community College. However, there are a number of apartments near the college. Information on apartments as well as roommate opportunities is available calling 1-503-594-3040 or by contacting the Office of Student Activities,

The average price of an apartment in the Portland area is:

1 Bedroom: $550 or higher per month
2 Bedroom: $695 or higher per month
3 Bedroom: $850 or higher per month

These prices are approximate, and are subject to change.


Apartment List

Rental agreements are generally month-to-month; however, you may be able to get a cheaper price by signing a 6, 9, or 12 month lease. Rent is still paid once a month, but you agree to stay in the apartment for the amount of time on the lease.


Phone and Electricity

The cost of having a telephone in the United States is reasonable. The basic cost of having a telephone (not including long-distance calls) is approximately $25 per month. Public telephones cost 50 cents for a local call. You can also purchase telephone cards to make long distance calls. Generally, the telephone cards offered are in $5, $10 and $20 increments.

Electricity costs vary on how much you use; however, Oregon has very inexpensive electricity costs compared to the rest of the U.S. Expect to pay around $25 to $50 per month for electricity.



The Portland area has an excellent transportation system called Tri-Met. The cost for a one-way bus or light reail fare ranges from $2.00 to $2.30. Once you arrive in the United States, find out where you can catch the bus, then find an apartment close to the bus route.

Another transportation option is riding a bicycle; however, Oregon receives a considerable amount of rain, and it is cold in the winter. Also, make sure to buy a strong lock for your bike so it is not stolen. The area around Clackamas Community College is relatively safe, but it is better to take this kind of precaution.

You can also buy a car, but this can be very expensive. Oregon has very strict laws concerning auto insurance. You must purchase auto insurance before operating your car, and this insurance can be quite expensive. If you want information about getting a driver's license in the U.S., and traffic laws in Oregon, visit the Oregon Department of Transportation website.


Books and Supplies

The average cost of books and supplies per term is $300, however this amount can vary depending on the classes you are enrolled in and the supplies you will need.



If you want to find out how much money you will need in your own currency, then try this currency converter.


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